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Photo on early-1950s postcard.

Berthoud Pass Lodge – 1949

Moore led his partnership’s design of a 30,000-square-foot lodge to replace the warming hut at the state’s first ski area, which had been operating at the top of Berthoud Pass since 1937. The lodge opened in 1949; it was demolished in 2005.

The rounded 12-story addition was built in 2002

Civic Center Classroom Building, University of Denver – 1949

At 1445 Cleveland Place, this is considered Denver’s most important example of International style architecture, with stair towers, horizontally ribboned windows, and the use of cantilever. Originally the Denver University School of Commerce, it was leased to the City and County in 1968, and sold to the City in 1971. Moore was chief design architect. The building was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. With a new 12-story north addition, it is now part of the Wellington Webb Complex.

Grand Junction City Hall, demolished in 2001 and replaced by a larger building.

City Hall, Grand Junction – 1949

In 1949 the new City Hall was built on the site of the old Lowell School at N. 5th and Rood Avenue in downtown Grand Junction.

Lincoln Park Stadium prior to its opening in 1949.

Lincoln Park Football/Baseball Stadium, Grand Junction – 1949

Applying his interest in concrete construction, Tom designed and built the Lincoln Park football/baseball stadium for the City of Grand Junction. It was still being used for athletic events in 2011.