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Street view of Folmer residence.

Folmer Residence, Denver – 1954

Folmer residence, Denver. House faces west. Stone trim added later. Interior living space has ample south-facing glass.

Showroom at northwest corner of building, main service garage at left.

H W Moore Equipment Company, Commerce City – 1954

Several years after the H W Moore Equipment Company had moved from Lower Downtown Denver to Sixth and Bannock, it needed to expand again, and in 1954 construction began on its new facility at 60th and Colorado Boulevard. The roof of this building is an example of thinshell folded-plate construction, engineered by Milo Ketchum. The company served the Rocky Mountain Region with road & bridge, dam, and heavy construction equipment under John’s and son Gerald’s leadership. After the company was sold, it was eventually demolished to make room for a Commerce City shopping center.