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Bucky Fuller and Tom holding dogbone segment, finished prototype in background.

Dogbone Dome, Denver – 1960

The dogbone was placed in series to form a geodesic dome that had the strength and durability of concrete while the entire system produced a lightweight structure.

Completed fraternity house, its dogbone construction hidden by solid surface.

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity House at Denver University – 1960

By the end of 1960, construction on a fraternity house for the Denver University chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was under way. It would be the first functional application of the dogbone dome. It was an extreme disappointment for Tom when city building inspectors, who had no experience with a structure of this design and engineering, insisted that the dome’s surface be uniform and whole. Moore gave his patent for the dogbone to Bucky Fuller and moved on to other projects. The city did allow Moore’s barrel-shell construction for the fraternity house’s living quarters.