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The addition at 910 Texas Ave. It doubled the living space and added two fireplaces. Note adjoining corner windows. Photo taken a few days before demolition, 2011.

Texas Avenue, Grand Junction – 1947

While designing the conventional structures for the AEC in 1947, Moore bought a small bungalow in Grand Junction for his growing family, and immediately doubled its space with an addition.

Grand Junction City Hall, demolished in 2001 and replaced by a larger building.

City Hall, Grand Junction – 1949

In 1949 the new City Hall was built on the site of the old Lowell School at N. 5th and Rood Avenue in downtown Grand Junction.

Aerial photo of Walker Field nearing completion.

Walker Field Terminal, Grand Junction Regional Airport – 1949

Shortly before the completion of City Hall, construction was underway on the Grand Junction Regional Airport, known as Walker Field. This was Tom’s second project for the city.

Lincoln Park Stadium prior to its opening in 1949.

Lincoln Park Football/Baseball Stadium, Grand Junction – 1949

Applying his interest in concrete construction, Tom designed and built the Lincoln Park football/baseball stadium for the City of Grand Junction. It was still being used for athletic events in 2011.

Southwest corner of house in 2011.

Crosbie Residence, Grand Junction – 1952

Tom’s last personal project on the Western Slope was a new residence for Director of the Grand Junction VA Hospital, Dr. Stanley Crosbie, and his wife, the sculptor Helen Blair. This house has been maintained and expertly restored by the Benge family, who have owned it since purchasing it from the Crosbies in the late 1950s.